Set-ups on various brands available

We specialize in creating support vehicle setups for funeral companies. We create fittings on vans of the main automotive brands on the market. such as: MERCEDES, VOLKSWAGEN, FORD, PEUGEOT, FIAT, RENAULT, OPEL, CITROEN. Thanks to thirty years of experience we are able to create any type of setup. We design our arrangements keeping in mind the needs of operators in the funeral sector. Our setups are developed with all the equipment designed to deal with any working context; from the recovery and refrigeration of the body, to the transport and handling of the coffin. Modern and equipped with the most versatile equipment, our setups allow you to carry out your work in a practical and comfortable way, fully responding to the needs of the funeral director who wants to equip himself with a versatile vehicle ready for any type of situation.

Setup number 10

Allestimento furgoni numero 10

Setup number 11

Foto allestimento furgoni numero 11

Setup number 13

Foto Allestimento furgoni numero 12

Setup number 13

Foto allestimento furgoni numero 13

Setup number 14

Allestimento furgoni numero 14
Foto allestimento furgoni numero 14

Setup number 15

Setup number 16

Allestimento furgoni numero 16

Setup number 17

Allestimento furgoni numero 17

Setup number 18

Allestimento furgoni numero 18
Foto allestimento furgoni numero 18

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