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Hearse on Rolls Royce Ghost mechanics

Sumptuous and regal

The cabin interior

Find out all the details

The coffin compartment interior

Find out all the details

GHOSTER on Rolls Royce Ghost mechanics, imposing, majestic and regal, a unique and inimitable hearse. Engine: 12-cylinder V-shaped petrol capable of delivering 570 HP combined with an 8-speed automatic gearbox.

Autofunebre Ghoster meccanica Rolls Royce Ghost

The cabin interior

The passenger compartment is characterized by the great luxury of leather materials and inserts and by exclusive details. Briar wood everywhere, foldable tables, minibar and courtesy curtains give the final touch of exclusivity.

Passenger comfort is also linked to acoustic comfort, an aspect where the Rolls-Royce has not half-measured: the Ghost has over 100kg of sound-absorbing material, housed in the doors, roof, double glazing and wheel arches to insulate the passenger compartment from external noises.

The attention in this sense is truly obsessive: just think that the technicians have redesigned the air ducts, so as to make them quieter when the climate control is on. If the search for silence on board is so obsessive, the presence of an audio system with eighteen speakers and 1,300 watts of power may seem counterintuitive.

Customizable down to the smallest details, thanks to the possibility of choosing various leathers, materials and colors for the stitching, the dashboard of the Rolls-Royce Ghost combines modernity and tradition: the multimedia system, with the touch screen set in the dashboard, is the latest fashionable, but the round air vents and pointer instruments in the dashboard are a trait d’union with the Rolls-Royces of the past.

There is also an air purification system, a hotspot for connecting multimedia devices to the internet and LED band lighting, the system that uses LEDs in the ceiling to reproduce the starry sky, as well as driving aids.

The coffin compartment interior

Design and construction of hearses with full wheelbase extension.

External body construction with tubular structure and external surface completely in steel.

Shatter-proof coffin compartment divider in tubular steel.

Side and rear windows with an exclusive design, green in color like the originals, rounded, silk-screened and tempered.

Side and rear windows with an exclusive design, green in color like the originals, rounded, silk-screened and tempered.

Automatic platform with box lift with separate control.

Internal LED coffin compartment lighting with customizable high luminescence reflected light.

Interior coffin compartment in eco-leather, silk-screened wood finishes in the original color of the interior, entirely hand-sewn.

Complete painting in original metallic colors of your choice with ceramic transparent and anti-scratch treatment.

Testing and approval of hearses at the Italian Ministry of Transport.

External LED friezes.

Interni vano feretro Ghoster autofunebre su meccanica Rolls Royce Ghost
Based onRolls Royce Ghost  
Engine Power (KW/CV)420 / 570
Engine Size6.600 cm3   
Nr. CylindersV12 
Gearshiftautomatic 8-Speed Automatic ZF
Tyres255/50 R19 ant. post.
Hearse Lenght  6.950 mm
Coffin compartment internal heignt900 mm
Hearse lenght1.840 mm
Coffin compartment lenght2.350 mm
Charging level heignt800 mm
Coffin compartment width850 mm
Wheelbase4.460 mm

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