VEKAL hearse on mechanical MASERATI Hybrid GT


Hearse on mechanical MASERATI GHIBLI Hybrid GT

This hearse 100% Made in Italy, the latest project born by Biemme Special Cars, is built on mechanical Maserati Ghibli, a car for lovers of luxury and perfection of details.
sculpted muscular forms, well-defined volumes linked by clean lines that create movement, sleek silhouette with front wings that are to merge into a central volume that enhances the dynamism of the lines; the VEKAL hearse design catches the eye and conquer the strong personality.
The dashboard and the central tunnel VEKAL hearse feature simple, clean lines, creating a refined and luxurious environment inside the car.
Instrument panel impactful, ergonomic steering wheel with three-spoke, leather-trimmed and comes with commands to interact with the multimedia functions you use most frequently, speedometer and tachometer take large elegant white backlight and are divided in the middle by a TFT 7 "display to display the car's dynamic information.
The lengthening of VEKAL hearse is the result of industrial synergies and experience gained in the implementation of funeral cars and special vehicles, all exceeding the most stringent process specifications posed by severe TUV SUD-ISO 9001.
The interior of the coffin assembly are made of top-quality steel and carbon fiber, or with material satisfying all the Community legislation, and not just in the field of funeral procession.
The lighting of the compartment coffin is the result of the excellent results achieved studio lighting; 30 meters of ultra-bright LED lights that descend from the sky and come to the partition in continuity, the effect refined in a unique and inimitable style
The engine V6 Twin Turbo in versions 3 liter Diesel and Petrol which equips the VEKAL hearse on mechanical Maserati Ghibli is an engine designed to get even more limited fuel consumption and emissions, while maintaining extraordinary qualities of sportsmanship.

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