‘REVON’ hearse on mechanical LANCIA CHYSLER


Hearse on mechanical LANCIA CHRYSLER

It was long known that in the Biemme Special Cars design center was thought to a hearse style and entirely Made Italy design, to anything that would express "timeless beauty" made of love for detail and quell'artigianalità all Italian, the REVON hearse was the culmination of this idea.
Strong lines with very pronounced fenders, massive front with rectangular headlights and grille with horizontal slats, very impressive side and rear, high waistline, with vertical lights are just some of the important aesthetic features that make REVON an exclusive hearse.
Even inside REVON hearse is able to surprise, offering a host of high level with satisfying glance, blue-lit instruments legible, controls on the dashboard very tidy, very comfortable seats and well-profiled, with cozy and equipped spaces all comfort, sound system that makes the interior seem like a concert hall customizable from the intuitive touch-screen display as well 8.5 inches.
The interior compartment coffin of REVON hearse well as being made from materials complying with all EU laws, and not only in the field of funeral transport are the result of a 'good result of studio lighting, a full 30 meters of LED lights to high luminescence that descend from heaven and come to the partition in continuity, the effect refined in a unique and inimitable style.
The lengthening REVON hearse done at the production plants of Biemme Special Cars is the result of industrial synergies and experience gained in the production of funeral cars and special vehicles, all exceeding the most stringent process specifications set by the severe TUV SUD certification-ISO 9001. The REVON hearse is powered by a 3.0 Turbo Diesel V6 LT, even that of the entire Italian production engine available in two versions, 190 hp and 239 hp.

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