REVENGE hearse on mechanical JAGUAR


Hearse on mechanical JAGUAR

Streamlined, modern aerodynamics, perfect combination of style and power, with almost coupe-style "Four Doors" but with luxury sedan qualities with a slightly sporty inclination, these are the characteristic features of REVENGE hearse built on mechanical Jaguar XJ.
The monocoque composite expertly blends the frame 100% aluminum, giving a 'look impressive but without losing the grace and elegance. Glasses, strictly convex, as exclusive Biemme Special Cars, make a perfect 'showcase' can make the most of the work of 'enterprise, leaving in plain sight of the coffin from any angle.
internal vehicle environment from the classic British design and refined, with a triumph of quality materials and different types of skin and burls able to offer maximum comfort to passengers.
The lengthening of REVENGE hearse is the result of industrial synergies and experience gained in the implementation of funeral cars and special vehicles, all exceeding the most stringent process specifications posed by severe TUV SUD-ISO 9001.
The interior compartment coffin REVENGE hearse are made of top quality steel and carbon fiber, or with material satisfying all the Community legislation, and not just in the field of funeral procession.
Lighting of the coffin is the result of the excellent results achieved studio lighting, bright lights and constant that continually pulsate, without compromising battery stability, illuminating every corner of the coffin and the flowers that accompany it.
The range offers different V6 Turbo Diesel engines and four gasoline engines. The petrol engines are available in versions 2.0 Turbo 4-cylinder with 240 hp, 3.0 V6 Supercharged and the powerful V8 5.0 Supercharged 550 hp XJR. All engines are equipped with Stop / Smart Start system to further optimize fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions.


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