New Hearses

New Hearses

Welcome to the display page of the new hearses of Biemme Special Cars. On this page you can find all the hearses models currently in production. Our production includes hearses on mechanical Maserati, Jaguar, Mercedes, Lancia Thema Chrysler, and luxury special hearses of mechanical Rolls Royce. We always make sure that our hearses meet customer expectations, studying in detail constructive essence and production speed without detracting from the highest quality finished product.
For each component of the production is required the maximum, starting with the quality of establishments, craftsmanship and professionalism of its suppliers in order to ensure that every single hearse produce always has the highest level of quality.
Professionalism, style and maximum functionality; all that is part of the design and construction phase of hearses Biemme Special Cars is the result of randomness. The transformations vehicles developed by Biemme Special Cars Study Centre, which includes of young engineers and designers are the product of careful and painstaking research. Thanks to the high technology achieved in our laboratories, are optimized for the various design and production phases of the vehicle, enabling our sophisticated production team accuracy and reliability than ever before, allowing us to offer today an absolute value hearse. For us the Biemme Special Cars “Advanced” and “dexterity” technology are complementary, one can not do without the other to get a seal of approval on the final product.

New Models


Hearse on mechanical MASERATI

autofunebre maserati vekal


Hearse on mechanical JAGUAR

autofunebre jaguar revenge


Hearse on mechanical LANCIA

autofunebre Lancia Revon