INKANTO 2+2 on mechanical Mercedes-Benz E Class


Hearse on mechanical Mercedes-Benz E Class

INKANTO 2+2 hearse 2 doors long wheelbase with 2 service doors for the access to the rear glove compartment, last born in Biemme Special Cars, is produced on mechanical Mercedes-Benz Class E W213, a car designed for lovers of tradition.
Front profile with modern and elegant lines, standard "Business-Sport" version with front mask radiator with double slat and central logo. Harmonious and elegant rear car body ending with Mercedes-Benz Class E Coupé headlights with dynamic and unique design.
INKANTO interiors are prestigious and stands out for great spaciousness and precious leathers, finishings and inserts.
Four different looks for the coffin area: "Carbon-look", "Leather-look", "Ivory-look", "Grey-look". Hi-luminescence LED lights, car passenger compartment and coffin area easy to customize by choosing up to 64 light shades combinations giving a strong visual effect. Coffin area interiors in Steel, best quality carbon fiber and Hi- luminescence LED lights.
Chassis with innovative "Air-Suspension" system, consisting of rear air suspensions self-levelling with double sensor, adjustable in height.

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