AYMON on mechanical CLS Coupè


Hearse on mechanical Mercedes-Benz CLS Coupè

Sometimes we are asked a nimble and maneuverable support vehicle that can enter and leave the traffic without problems.
At the same time the funeral support vehicle must be versatile, ergonomic and above all pleasant aesthetic impact, ie it must meet and improve funeral company services for which it was designed.
The funeral support vehicle is a means which is to serve for all those movements necessary office during the day as part of a funeral operator; It must serve for the display of posters, which often are placed in hidden message boards in traffic, to accompany staff to a service and finally to carry out with dignity the return journey of the urn from the crematorium to the house of the family or the company.
All what this obviously with an eye of about economy of operation and reliability of the medium. It was not easy to find the right answer to all of this but we think that this time Biemme Special Cars has reached an important milestone.
This new funeral support vehicle is built on the basis of the new FIAT PANDA 1.3 MJT very well equipped, air conditioning and ABS are already included in the complete set of the car.
L'intervention of Biemme Special Cars exhibition is represented by creating a special niche in the multi-function luggage compartment of the vehicle.
There is then the possibility of having a large and practical “trunk” of stainless steel specially shaped to hold the sheets of the posters, the bucket of glue and another practical boxes for other parts of daily use such as the reserve of glue, scraper gloves etc. etc.
If necessary removed this handy and lightweight “Baule” the plan of this vehicle funeral support can be transformed into a charming and enlightened “Porta Urns”, where there is also a flower decorations and a mirrored glass that enhances the decor.
Under the basic platform it was then safeguarded the original space of the vehicle for other equipment, all this while preserving the excellent habitability and obviously the seating that in the specific case are 4.

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